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  One-card-for-all ( Application )

We have produced a series of products with different function, such as: system of fee collection in public transportation, gas filling station, car park and fee collection, application products on attendance record, selling of meal, fee collection POS, nigh patrol and book loaning.

Attendance Recording System

The non-contacting IC card attendance recording system is convenient in use and complete in function and can be used independently or combining with computer. Attendance recording machine of other kinds (such as card punching machine, contacting IC card attendance recording machine and magnetic card attendance recording machine) is not prepared with specialties. When in cooperation with computer software, it has the function of classification, summary and report printing.

Fee Collection POS System

The non-contacting IC card fee collection system for consumption in small scope public places of guesthouse, hotel, dining and drinking, amusement and shopping is an important part in the one-card-through engineering project. When client is admitted to stay, he can deposit certain amount of consumption fund in the front counter, and he can hold the card during dining, amusing and purchasing and through the fee collection machine, fee will be collected automatically off the card. When the client is leaving, he can settle the account in the front counter and the balance fund will be returned.
The fee collection POS system management software has the function of issuing card, increasing deposit, reporting for loss, returning card for settlement, card issuing information record, renewing system time clock, consumption information record, inquiry of data base, report printing, log record, operator and engineer safe management etc.

Entrance Guard System

The control center of entrance guard system is the central PC, which connected to the entrance guard machine through RS-485 interface. The transmission distance is up to 1.2km, and each circuit may connect up to 256 entrance lock-controlling machines. The system management software has the function of issuing of card, opening door information recording, increasing of opening door authority, withdrawing, updating of system time clock, record inquiry and printing, alarming for door lock troubles, operator and engineer authority management etc.

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