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  System Integration

Modern Hi-Tech (Dalian) is one of the earliest and most powerful companies that involve in system integration field in Dalian. SID was authorized as Cisco’s advanced certificate agent; system integration agent of Huawei, IBM, HP, COMPAQ, DELL and ORACLE’s products; system integration agent of AMP, AVAYA, PANDUIT’s structural wiring products; appointed dealer of APC’s UPS products; agent of MICROSOFT, 3COM, SYSBASE, NOVELL, NORTEL, MOD-TAP, SANTAK, INTEL, SUN’s products. Through the long-term cooperation with CISCO, MICROSOFT, NOVELL and SUN, SID has undertaken many system integration projects in finance & securities, government, post & telecommunication, education, physic, petroleum & chemical, taxation and mechanic manufacture industries.

SID’s services include:

Computer-based network software/hardware integration, structural comprehensive wiring technology, community intelligence technology, broad band connecting technology, video technology, cable TV and broadcasting monitor technology, which involve the design, construction, installation and maintenance of Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, LAN, WAN, DDN, X.25, ISDN and wireless network.

The design and construction of AVAYA, PANDUIT, AMP, MOD-TAP’s comprehensive wiring system. All the planning, installation, management and maintenance of the wiring system are carried out by professional certified engineers.

Major Clients

Southern Securities Co., Ltd. Dalian Business Dept.
China Dayang Enterprise Group
China PingAn Insurance Co. (Dalian)
PingAn Securities Dalian Business Department
Southern Stock Chaoyang Business Department
Xinda Securities Dalian Business Department
Dapeng Securities Dalian Business Department
Dalian International Trust & Investment Co.
Liaoning Securities Co. Dalian Business Dept.
Dalian Financial Securities Co.
Dalian Securities Exchange Center
Zhongjingxin Securities Dalian Business Department
Changcheng Securities Dalian Business Department
Dalian Municipal Personnel Bureau
Dalian Municipal Financial Bureau
Goodyear Tyre Co., Ltd.
Japan International Tobacco Co., Ltd.
Federal Express Fedex
Dalian Construction Investment Co.
Dalian Social Culture Administration Office
China Trade Promotion Committee Dalian Sub-Committee
Dalian Municipal Criminal Police Detachment
Dalian Convention and Exhibition Centre
Dalian Huaxun International Air Transport. Co., Ltd.
Dalian Free trade Zone Xuri International Trading Co.
Dalian Aihua Supermarket Co., Ltd.
China Dalian Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
Dalian Labor Insurance Co.
Dalian Retired Cadre Management & Service Center
Dalian Construction Design Institute
Dalian No. 1 Construction Engineering Co.
Dalian Hitachi Baoyuan Machinery Equipments Co., Ltd.
Dalian Qixing Industry Co.
Dalian Baolide Laminated Plate Co., Ltd.
Dalian Float Method Glass Co., Ltd.
Dalian Yida Stationary Co., Ltd.
Dalian Hydraulic Parts Factory
The Daiichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. Dalian Office
Bank of China Dalian Zhongshan Branch
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Dalian Xigang Branch
Tianfu Hotel
Dalian Holiday Inn. Hotel
Kailun Hotel
Dalian Eastern Hotel
Dalian Gloria Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Limited Dalian Office
American Standard Sanitary Equipments Co., Ltd. Dalian Office
Shanghai Huaxun Air Transport Co., Ltd.
Dandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
Shandong Penglai People's Hospital
Shenchuan Luohu District Committee Municipal Government
Shenchuan Luohu District Public Security Bureau
Shenchuan Longgang Construction Bureau
Shenchuan Longgang State Land Bureau
Xinjiang Textile Designing Institute

Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
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