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  Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology creates a virtual environment that can simulate people’s visual, auditive and haptic sense by applying modern technology based on computer.

Users can make an interactive communication with the virtual environment naturally by necessary equipment such as data coat, data glove, data shoes, headpiece and 3D eyeglass, enjoying the on-the-spot feeling and experience.

We own a professional 3D VR developing team, with a leading level in domestic web3D and 3D image application field. We are specializing in 3D web pages and designing interactive VR program. Besides, we can undertake the VR design in the scopes of electronic guide, online gallery, electronic library, online pleasure ground, online exhibition, electronic building show, urban planning, remote education, e-commerce and so on, which can be applied in tour guide, education & entertainment, simulated training, marketing & advertisement, designing & planning, etc.

Now we can provide high tech practical and effective solutions for urban future planning, mechanical manufacture, fire fighting simulated training, community house/building/decoration show, online merchandise show/promotion, showplace/historic site/scenery simulated show, projects promotion. Based on the above-mentioned application, we can set up independent e-commerce platform to promote remote e-commerce operation.


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