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  Data Processing
  Virtual Reality

  Data Processing

The continuous principle of DPD is making progress based on time and quality.

The basic faculty of DPD’s personnel is professional, conscientious and comprehensive capability. All the personnel must pass the technical and skill training and examination before joining DPD. They can fulfill the Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese entry with high quality and fast speed. 80 percents of them have 3 years or more experience and are familiar with the application software such as WORD, EXCEL, AutoCAD and so on.

Strict management rule and rich of processing experience ensure the entry products both in time and quality. The products have earned the trust of customers from USA, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

Major amount of jobs completed is as follows:

Japanese language character category (52 million chars)
Japanese language name book category ( 580 million words)
Japanese language document category (90 million words)
Character creation (30,000 words)
Animation picture making (27 thousand pieces)
English character (8 million words)
Chinese character ( 800,000 words)
Traditional Chinese character (10 million words)
Engineering drawing (20,000 pieces)

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