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Contact & Contactless IC Card Machine and Appliance
The developing stage of IC card electronic payment system
Stage one: Contact Logic Encrypted Card
Stage two: Contactless Logic Encrypted Card
Stage three: Dual-interface CPU Card

Contact Logic Encrypted Card
This technology used to be applied in Tsingdao and Shenzhen. The shortages of this technology include apt to be scratched and attacked by illegal cards, long and complicated transact. So it’s not suitable for the trend of city traffic. Now all these systems have been removed.
Compared with contact logic encrypted card and magcard, the advantages of contactless IC card include hardly being scratched and bended, excellent secrecy and security characters. So using contactless IC card technology is an inevitable trend.

Contactless Logic Encrypted Card (M1 Card)
Most cities that are carrying on the city multi-functional card projects adopt the M1 card technology at present. But this technology has some limitation too, such as the security level is lower, not conforming to the finance specification of People’s Bank of China, and cannot be popularized as electronic wallet, etc. The M1 card will be replaced by CPU card inevitably.

Dual-interface CPU Card
Dual-interface CPU card is the most feasible technology for city one-card-for-all projects at present, the advantages of which include:
High reliability;
Fast data exchange;
Excellent Security, conforming to the finance specification of People’s Bank of China, can be popularized as electronic wallet;
Fine compatibility, compatible downward with M1 card and allow the former public traffic one-card-for-all system in other cities upgrade to this dual-interface CPU IC card system.

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