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Successful bidder for the project of City One-card-for-all in Chengdu
We passed the CMM2 authentication. At the same time, started the CMM3 Evaluation and Authentication
President of Modern Hi-Tech, Mr. Luoning, was elected as the standing director of China Software Industry Association’s First Council in its fourth member conference.
Relying on its 19 patents’ application and 5 patents’ authorization, Modern Hi-Tech was ranked the third in Dalian Private and Collective Enterprises’ Patents List.
Successful bidder for Dalian Free Trade Zone Fire Fighting Center of its project of Fire Fighting Communication and Command System
Signed the agreement with Shenyang Public Traffic Group for its City One-card-for-all Project
City Street Lamp Wireless Monitor System was brought into the 2002 National Torch Plan by the Torch High Tech Industry Development Center of National Science and Technology Ministry
Modern Hi-Tech was brought into the Liaoning Provincial Medium and Small Enterprises Dragon Plan
President Mr. Luoning and his Modern Hi-Tech (Dalian) were awarded the title of Excellent Software Enterpriser and Outstanding Software Enterprise in the First Int’l Software Trade Fair (Dalian). Meanwhile, the Environment Information Management System and Public Traffic Dual-interface CPU-IC Card Electronic Payment System were titled the Excellent Software Products
The registered capital of Modern Hi-Tech (Dalian) was added to RMB 30 million.
The report of building digital radiotherapy products R&D base was sanctioned by Mr. Xia Deren, the vice-governor of Liaoning province. The project was listed in the Significant Science and Technology Projects of Liaoning province.
We signed a non-disclosure and technical agreement with Japan ImageOne Inc in Tokyo-Dalian Software Enterprises Exchange Session.
Passed the Grade Three Authentication of National Computer Information System Integration Qualification
Supplier of social medical insurance system’s IC card for Dalian Free Trade Zone
Hold a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Modern Hi-Tech


Undertook a series of proseminars for Broadband Dalian Solution
Sponsored a proseminar of Digital City by Using Satellite Remote Sensing Technology
Started the CMM2 evaluation and authentication
Undertake a session entitled From Internet to Broadband for Broadband Dalian Forum
City Street Lamp Wireless Monitor System entered into test run stage
City Street Lamp Wireless Monitor System passed the technical authentication presided by Science and Education Department of Dalian Urban and Rural Construction Committee
Three systems of us-City Environment Comprehensive Management System V1.0, City Street Lamp Management System V1.0, City Public Traffic Dual-interface CPU IC Card Electronic Payment System V1.0-won the Golden Medals in the 2001 China Int’l Software Fair and Technical Proseminar
Successfully undertook the 2001 Int’l IT Forum (Dalian) entitled Digital City in the Twenty-first Century
Dalian Public Traffic One-card-for-all supported by us was taken in use.
Dalian Environment Information Comprehensive Management System passed the technical authentication by National Environment Protection Bureau, Liaoning Provincial Environment Protection Bureau, Dalian Environment Protection Bureau and Dalian Information Industry Bureau
City Street Lamp Wireless Monitor System passed the expert evaluation by the Development Promotion Center of National Construction Ministry in its Scientific Production Evaluation Session
The first Multi-leaves Raster Prototype was produced and debugged
Started the Digital Radiotherapy Equipment’s ISO9001-2000 and YY/T-0287 (Medical Industry Standard Quality System of PRC-Medical Equipment) Authentication
Successful bidder for the project of Wireless Public Network Street Lamp Monitor System in Xi’an
Modern Hi-Tech (Shenyang) and Modern Hi-Tech (Xi’an) were established. Till then, Modern Hi-Tech had owned six subsidiaries in China.
Modern Hi-Tech (German) was established, it’s the fourth subsidiary of Modern Hi-Tech out of China.


Expanding software development business
Expanding data entry business
Externally dispatching research and study personnel
Repeatedly win bid on large system integration project
Success in research and products of out-door LED screen
Obtaining the authorized reseller of Lucent and Cisco.
Breaking through in electric power line communication, leading in domestic market
Series products in IC card projects including IC card traffic system
Beginning to carry out cooperation with US companies in software and hardware development
Visiting to and exchange with companies of Sun, Novell, Nortel, Cisco IBM, Motorola, Lucent.
Beginning of ISO9001 quality certification work
Establishment of Education and Training Center
Starting of medical equipment research project
Registered capital is increased to RMB 20 million
Establishment of Shenzhen Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. with registered capital RMB500,000


Expanding of external software development business
Expanding of external data entry business
Dispatching more research and study personnel to Japan
Accepting PDS project
Obtaining the authority dealer or agent of more than ten well-known companies such as Compaq.
More software and hardware products
Domestically leading in the area of contacting and non-contacting IC card products
Expanding of business scope to finance business
Accepting software and hardware project outside local area
Establishment of Tokyo Modern High-Tech Co., Ltd. with Registered capital JPY ten million


Engaged in sale of computer software and hardware products
Enlarging external software development business
Enlarging external data entry business
Dispatching research and study personnel to Japan
Accepting large scale system integration project
Engaged in development of hardware products
Accepting LED screen project
Establishment of Beijing Modern High-Tech Development Co. Registered capital RMB 500,000.


Greatly expanding of software development business, establishing long term cooperation relation with software companies in Japan and Hong Kong.
Accepting data entry business of Japanese language and animated picture
Beginning to accept medium scale system integration project
Expanding personnel increasing office area
Establishment of Dalian Modern Data Co., Ltd. Registered capital US$ 200,000.


Engaged in business of import and acting as agent of electronic products and communication equipments
Further developing software development and data entry business
First time to accept software and data entry business in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
Beginning to accept local network engineering task
Establishment of Hong Kong Modern International Development Co., registered capital HK$ 500,000.


Engaged in the business of import and acting as agent of electronic products and communication equipments
Beginning to be engaged in computer software development, first time to accept software development assignment entrusted by Japanese party
Beginning to be engaged in business of computer data entry, first time to accept Japan data entry business
Establishment of Dalian Free Trade Zone Modern International Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
Registered capital increaded to USD 500,000.


Engaged in office equipment hardware sale and maintenance works
lEngaged in business of import and acting as agent of electronic products and communication equipments, agent for INTEL, SAMSUNG, TI, Motorola, AST, Compaq.


Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital RMB one million
Engaged in computer hardware sale and maintenance works

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