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  About us

Modern Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (Dalian) is a high tech enterprise involving software R&D, hardware R&D, digital radiotherapy, virtual reality, broad band network, E-commerce platform, education & training.
Some projects of Modern Hi-Tech have drawn the attention of the related department of our country. Among which, the Dynamic Multi-Leaves Raster Conformal & Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy System was listed in the National 863 Plan Projects for its high technology and potential market, also our company was recognized as a National 863 Projects Industrial Base. The Dual-interface CPU IC Card Project was listed in the National Torch Plan. The Public Traffic One-card-for-all which are applied in Dalian currently, was the first electronic payment system used in large scope which has passed the Construction Ministry’s certification. The continuous development of Modern Hi-Tech has attracted a mass of professionals engaged in radiotherapy, radiation physics, precise mechanics, automatic control and computer application. The total employees of Modern Hi-Tech are over 380 persons, 30 percents of them owns master degree, 20 percents of them are overseas trained technicians. All the technicians have colleging background, and they can develop all kinds of system and application software in the mainframe, workstation, PC and LAN/WAN environments. Also they have the ability to develop and produce all the control systems including mechatronics products and digital devices. In recent years, cooperating with some out-standing scholars and experts in domestic and foreign research institutes and colleges, we have made significant progress in digital radiotherapy, electrical wire frequency-extended carrier wave communication technology, contactless IC card application and application software development. Now we are endeavoring in the development and application for broad band network and e-commerce platform. Modern Hi-Tech was ranked as Dalian High Technology Enterprise, Dalian Software Producing Enterprise and the undertaken enterprise for National 863 Plan Projects.
Since its establishment in 1992, Modern Hi-Tech has made a fast expansion in its assets scale. From one million RMB to twenty million RMB at the end of 2000, the total capital is 20 times as much as that in 1992. Meanwhile, the business of Modern Hi-Tech shapes up stably. In 1999, we grasped an unprecedented chance in China market, made a big stride in our business. The profit that year reaches eight million RMB, which is 15 times as much as that in 1992.
At present, Modern Hi-Tech is planning to increase its capital and shares, and fulfill its stock corporation reformation in two years. The companies that want to own Modern Hi-Tech’s shares are listed as following:
NEU-Soft Inc.
Dalian Software Park Inc.
Dalian Venture Investment Co.
Dalian Future Software Co., Ltd.
Dalian Future Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
Dalian Daxian Group Inc.
Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
TEL     : 86-411-39721288
FAX     : 86-411-39721266
P.C.     : 116025
E-mail : dalian@modern.org
Add     : No.51 Xinda Street, Qixianling Industrial Base, Hi-tech Zone,Dalian,China