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  Address by the President

Following the sounding of the 21st century bell, the world is striding forward to the information age. The revolutionary tide of information with electronic technique as representative has become the catalytic agent to promote the social productivity to develop by leaps and bounds and this revolutionary tide is of worldwide nature and all-position. The ways of production, livelihood and work of mankind as well as every area of economy, society and culture etc. are strongly impacted and shacked. Computer and relative products exist in every time, every place and everywhere just like our surrounding atmosphere, changing the world and changing our livelihood.

It is no doubt that in the future century, information industry will affect the whole world. It will become the pillar industry of China. Following the more popularizing of the new technique and new application of IT, I predict that the IT information industry of China will be increased with a speed higher than 30% and China will become one of the largest markets in the 21st century tending to internationalization day by day.

At the beginning of the new century, the information industry of China will be faced with a very great opportunity. This kind of opportunity means a severe challenge and means more an extremely best moment. With the big and powerful superiority on technique, products, solution of plan and service as well as the experience of cooperation with foreign companies by us over a long period of time, it is no doubt that the Modern will become the information technique enterprise being second to none in the China market. At the same time, Modern will continue to look for a cooperation partner in the international market to develop technical cooperation in a deeper level. Relying on our advanced management concept, rich resources of person of ability, exquisite specialized technology, Modern will be able to become a high-tech enterprise having influence internationally.

Utilizing the technical reservation for many years and the absolute sincerity on undertaking of Modern's people for many years to promote China even the information industry of the world to soar, to bring benefit to mankind and to repay to the society, these are the
promise to be undertook by the Modern's people.

Experiencing Modern, Jointly to Create Future;
Modern shall be together with you, with China and with
The world jointly to welcome 21st century!

President & CEO Luo Ning

Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
TEL     : 86-411-39721288
FAX     : 86-411-39721266
P.C.     : 116025
E-mail : dalian@modern.org
Add     : No.51 Xinda Street, Qixianling Industrial Base, Hi-tech Zone,Dalian,China